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Fighting Guide Empty Fighting Guide

Post  RomsMaster on Fri Aug 14, 2009 5:25 pm

NNA is a turn based role-playing game. Fights can happen between any 2 shinobi at anytime or an NPC(Non-playable Character). Fights can happen anywhere in the Roleplay section. Before a match begins you must decide who will go first. You then take turns attacking each other until one of you is defeated. Here are a few rule to take in mind.

1. You cannot GodMod. This is where you perform actions (without giving a chance for another
participant to respond) that are considered unfair or cheating. In
roleplay for example, dodging every attack or assuming your attacks
always hit.

2. No metagaming. This is using out-of-roleplay information to affect in-roleplay actions and events.

3. Deathmatches are allowed and can happen at any time, in almost any
location. If you want a topic NOT to become a deathmatch, put [No
Killing] in the title. Similarly, you can put [No Fighting];
[Deathmatch] or other requirements in your topic title.

4. When performing a technique in roleplay, please put the technique
details (as on your character application) at the bottom of your post
so that other participants can see and understand what you have done
and how dangerous it is.

5. Use your common sense. A genin can't use lots of C class jutsus and expect to have chakra left over. Their is no point system so use common sense to figure out when you run out of chakra or die.

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