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Training Rules

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Training Rules Empty Training Rules

Post  lil_kid_neko on Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:58 pm

In order to successfully learn a new custom jutsu you must train here in the training grounds.

Before you can train a jutsu you must meet these requirements:
1. Must have the required rank
2. You must be a Genin and above ninja

To successfully complete your training you must meet the word-count limit.
The higher ranked the jutsu, the higher the word count.

D Rank Jutsu= 200 words

C Rank Jutsu= 300 words

B Rank Jutsu= 400 words

A Rank Jutsu= 500 words

S Rank Jutsu= 1000 words

If your a genin, you can not have B, A, or S Rank Jutsu, Chuunin can
not have A, or S Rank Jutsu so do not think you can make a jutsu higher
than your rank and train it and think it will be approved.

You can lower the word count of the jutsu by half if a friend that already knows the jutsu trains you or if your a kage.

An ADMIN will choose when you have mastered the jutsu or not whether you think you have or not.

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