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Ikazuchi Clan

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Clan Name: Ikazuchi Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Shinkansen (translation: Bullet Train) This is the Ikazuchi clan's kekkei genkai. After activation the user's eyes turn a yellow color and a pinwheel appears near the pupil, similar to sharingan. The user of this kekkei genkai is granted the ability to easily use natural lightning chakra, the ability to move at velocious speeds, and the ability to sense elemental chakra. Not every member can easily control the Shinkansen, but those who can are usually skilled ninjas. Some of the side affects of the Shinkansen is torn muscle near the legs and feet, temporary blindness in the eyes, and even the rare case of permanent paralysis of the hands and lower body.
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Secret Clan Jutsu: Raiton:Soukei Denpa Seishi (Translation: Total Electromagnetic Wave Control)
This jutsu transforms the battle field into a huge electromanetic field thus allowing the user to control lightning at his will. He can make it move faster, slower ,move left or right, or completely stop it.

History:The Ikazuchi Clan was founded by Kaiso Ikazuchi several hundred years ago. It is said that Kaiso had mastered every lightning jutsu known to man. Nobody knew much about Kaiso, but they did know he was not the one to mess with. Rumors say that Kaiso was able to control lightning storms. People from Kumogakure know Kaiso as the Lightning God for his extreme usage of lightning moves. Now-a-days the Ikazuchi clan is still known for using lightning based jutsus but the members of the clan are slowly decreasing thanks to the terrible side effects of the Shinkansen.

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