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Chunin Exam Rules

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Chunin Exam Rules Empty Chunin Exam Rules

Post  lil_kid_neko on Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:02 pm

This only regards the Genin and future chunin. You will first be tested on an Eight Question test. You must then go through a tournament. As a genin, you are divided into your teams. While this tournament is going on, it will first be for points. The second time around will be for Elimination. The fights will vary between Group fights and One on One. The truth is, you could get nothing right on the test, get zero points on the first half of the tournament, and your entire team get out on the first fight of the Elimination, and still become a Chunin. This is all determined by the people who are chosen to grade the exam. It will vary through exam and an Admin will pick them. They will either be, Kage's, Sennin, or S-ranked level ninja.

It is up to the judge on how (s)he will grade all three segments. They will probably have different thoughts. and Will not tell any information. All information we find appropriate for the public to know will be posted. If it is not posted, do not ask for it. If we wanted you to know, we would tell you. The timing of these exams are determined when all 4 people on the Genin team including the Jounin decides you are ready. When enough people are ready, the exams will start.

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