Naruto: Ninja Arts
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A-Rank Mission(Open)

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A-Rank Mission(Open) Empty A-Rank Mission(Open)

Post  lil_kid_neko on Sat Sep 05, 2009 12:42 pm

Eligible Shinobi: Jounin, Kage, Sennin, and S-Rank

Information: There is rumor of being a missing ninja from the Hidden Moon Village roaming around the Hidden Rock Village. The suspect is presumed harmful and you should proceed with caution. The suspect is a male, approximately 6' 2", 146lbs. Age is unknown, presumed late twenties.

Reward: Either 4 A-Ranked Mission Count or 1 S-Ranked Mission Count.

Criminal: Wanted Dead Or Alive.

The First person to accept this mission will have this mission assigned to them. If they fail the mission, then someone else will have to take over or the mission will be unsuccessful.

A-Rank Mission(Open) J0wokl

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